Annual meeting May 25 – the documents

The 25th of May we will all gather around some food and start the year of Linnéstudenterna 16/17. Some of the things you members will get the opportunity to decide upon are:
– Member fee for 16/17
– Action report and budget for 16/17
– Election of accountant/auditors, meetingpresidium and student representatives
– Present the new board 16/17 and fill vacancies.

We now have a summary of the documents for our annual meeting in English. Welcome on Wednesday!

0 Agenda annual meeting 160525

03a Missive for determination of membership fee for the year of activity 1617

04a Missive Budget 1617

05a Missive action plan 1617

06 The winner of the student stipend 1516

07 Election of auditors

08 Election of accountant

09a Election of meeting presidium

10a Election of Student Representatives

11a Election committee by-election

12a By-election of board positions

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