The welcome fairS in Växjö/Kalmar

Linnéstudenterna organizes welcome fairs for new students at the beginning of every spring- and autumn semester. The exhibitors range from student associations and university institutions to companies and nonprofit organizations with good offers to students. The purpose of the fair is to get familiar with the new environment and be able to network, something that will be useful during the following time of study. Of course current students are also welcome to the fair. There will be fun activities and lots of free giveaways so the fair is well worth a visit. 

Career Night

Career Night is an event for international students organized in cooperation with Linnaeus University. It allows students to reflect upon working and having a future career in Sweden. From January 2017 the event is partly funded by the regional councils of Kronoberg and Kalmar.

The purpose of the Career Night is to offer an opportunity to learn about rules and regulations, what permits are needed, as well as about Swedish business culture and companies’ recruitment processes. Information about how to start and run a business in Sweden is also provided.

Possibly there will be a Career Night in Kalmar fall 2017, otherwise the next scheduled event is in February 2018. Like Linnéstudenterna’s Facebook page to not miss out on any updates.

Other career related pages:

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There is also the Career portal where most of the career events are promoted. Create an account to be able to sign up to useful activities, including our Career Night.