Phone number:

112 – Emergency number
114 14 – Police (when there is no emergency of what you would like to report)
113 13 – Information about different crises like fires, bigger accidents, storms etc.

1177 – Health advice – NOTE this number is NOT for emergencies (then please call 112)


Växjö as well as Kalmar is flat so biking is easy and common, both among students and others. In Sweden you are obliged to have lamps on both the front and the back of your bike.
You are not allowed to give another person a ride, thus only one person per bike.
You should bike on the bike paths and not on the streets if there’s a bike path nearby.
Not following these rules can result in heavy fines from the police.


The campus environment is a bit special, mostly in a positive way. Not many other universities in Sweden has a campus where so many students come together for studies, for student life activities and for accommodation. Somewhat 4000-5000 students live in the area.

The reason you see so many policemen (and police women) on Växjö Campus is perfectly simple: they train here. One of Sweden’s police academies is situated on Campus, Växjö. This doesn’t mean you are supposed to report crimes to them though, as they are still police students.

Remember that even though only students live on campus, anyone can enter the area. You should always lock your bike, close your windows and doors when you leave your apartment/room (especially if you live on the ground floor). Sadly it happens from time to time that students who live on the ground floor and have left the building with the window open have invited burglars into their rooms. And just as any other area in Sweden, we recommend you not to walk home by yourself during night time.

1-2 times per year, the student union makes safety walks together with representatives from LNU, the landlords Växjöbostäder, Heimstaden and Stubor as well as Videum ( the owner of the university buildings). When these occur safety concerns are brought up, such as sufficient lighting, trees or bushes that could create an unsafe environment etc. If you notice something yourself that you would like to comment on, for example a street light that isn’t working or something else in the environment, you are always welcome to contact us.

If you bike or walk between the city center and Växjö Campus during night time, we advise you to stick to the lit paths and not to walk out in the forest area yourself.