Linnéstudenterna’s member card

Who can become a member?
You have to be a student at Linnaeus University to become a member of the Student Union and you can join anytime. We recommend that you join at the start of the semester so you won’t miss out on any of the fun! You can become a member as soon as you have your Letter of acceptance/Notification of selection results. You can join anytime during the semester though.

How do you become a member?
The easiest way to become a member is to visit our offices in Kalmar or Växjö. In Kalmar we are situated in the University Library and we are open between 11 am and 1 pm Mon, Wed & Thur. In Växjö our office is located in the Tufvan building on campus, and we are open between 12 pm and 3 pm Mon & Wed to Fri. Note that you cannot pay with euro.
You can become a member online, click here!

Why should I become a member of the Student Union?

–  Save money
As a member you will have access to special Member discounts. You will often gain more financially through a membership than without it, if you use some of our discounts. Perhaps you will buy a gym card, a plane ticket, course literature or a pair of sneakers. Being a member of Linnéstudenterna is a possibility to save money! We are constantly working on finding more discounts and benefits for you.

– Access to the Student pubs
There are two student pubs in Växjö where many students meet and hang out, Stallarna and Sivans. The prices of food and drinks are student friendly and different theme nights, concerts and other events are arranged. In Kalmar there isn’t a specific student pub but there are events organized for students at some of the local venues. To get access to the student pubs and specific student nights, you need to be a member of Linnéstudenterna.

– Free coffee or tea every Thursday
You can find us every Thursday at 12.30 in the University Library, Kalmar and in the K-building, Växjö. Remember to bring your member card or a certification of membership (paper slip that you can get from Linnéstudenterna’s reception) Find our addresses here:

– Members can apply for the monthly course literature grant
The grant is 500 SEK and must be used to buy course literature. Read more about it here:

Thank you for supporting our work!

We are your best friend
Linnéstudenterna is The Student Union at the Linnaeus University and we are every Students’ friend. By becoming a member of Linnéstudenterna you’re contributing to our work so we can continue making sure your education is of high quality and give good benefits. We guard your rights and you can feel safe knowing you will receive our support if you encounter problems during your time as a student.

The board of Linnéstudenterna consists of students chosen by the members, who are also students. We  work with Student housing, public transportation, student discounts, students’ rights and special aid. We also try to influence the university in decision making to the students’ advantage and we support different social activities organized by the student associations and the student pubs.

We care  about you!
We, The Student Union Linnéstudenterna, care about you, the student. Every day we work to make sure your education will be of high quality, that all students’ are treated right, that Linnaeus University follows laws and regulations available, that the students should have a strong voice in all the boards and committees at Linnaeus University. We offer you personal service from our Student Ombudsman, PhD Ombudsman and Housing Officers as well as the Student Coordinator and other staff.

Our board consists of committed students chosen by the members who understand your situation. It’s the board and our hired clerks who perform the daily work, but you as a member choose what kind of work the Student Union should focus on. All members are welcome to the member meetings that are held four times a year, where you can express suggestions and ask questions. Of course you can also come by the office, The Student Union Reception, or contact us by e-mail or phone if you need help, have questions or suggestions.