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1. About membership in Linnéstudenterna

When can I become a member?
You have to be a student at Linneaus University to become a member of the student union and you can join anytime. During the first weeks of the semester we have extended opening hours at the offices in Växjö and Kalmar to handle member registration. We recommend that you join at the start of the semester so you won’t miss out on any of the fun! You can become a member as soon as you had your letter of acceptance.

What will happen if I do not become a member of Linnéstudenterna?
If you are not a member you cannot take part in the Student Union’s activities, use the member discounts or personal counselling. You will not be allowed into the student pubs Cårhuset, Stallarna and Sivans. You will not get free coffee or tea every Thursday and you don’t have the right to apply for the monthly Student Literature grant. Your time at the Linneaus University will be boring and expensive! Read more about the benefits here:

What is the membership fee?
The membership fee is 175 kronor for one semester or 300 kronor for a year.

Is membership mandatory?
Membership is optional. But if you do not want to become a member you are not allowed to take advantage of all the benefits and discounts.

I only want to be a member of a student association or a department association, not the Student Union.
This is perfectly fine, but you will miss out on all the benefits you could have had as a member of Linnéstudenterna.

2. Change of Address

I have moved, how do I change my address?
It is important that we have your correct address in our system. If you change addresses, please contact Linnéstudenterna 010-330 30 09 or send an e-mail to State your name, address and your personal number.

Can I pay my membership fee in cash at your office?
Yes, you can come to our offices in Kalmar or Växjö and pay either by card or in cash.

I want to terminate my membership and I would like you to refund my money.
If you change your mind within fourteen days after you paid your membership fee, you are entitled to a refund of the fee. Your membership will be terminated at the end of the semester if you choose not to pay the membership fee for the next semester.

3. The Student card

I paid for an entire year, but the card is only valid for one semester? Why?
The cards are issued one semester at a time. If you paid for a year and continue your studies next semester, just press the update symbol in the top right hand corner of the card in the app.

When will I receive my student card?
Within a few hours of paying, you can use your personal number/T-number and log in to the app called Studentkortet Sverige AB and download your card. Note that you will NOT receive a physical copy of your card unless you specifically order it from their website. It normally takes 10-14 working days to produce and send a physical copy of the card.

I never received my student card? Where is it?
If you ordered the card from you also confirmed you address. If there is a problem with the delivery the card will get sent to our offices and we will contact you. If you have questions about your order please conatct Studentkortet’s customer service. State your name, address and your personal number and your issue.

I want to go to Stallarna or Sivans. What do I need?
Only members of Linnéstudenterna have access to the student pubs. A limited number of guest cards are released each week, for guests going with a member. These guest cards are booked online Stallarna Sivans Guest cards for Sivans and Stallarna will be delivered as a text message (SMS) to your mobile phone as soon as the payment has gone through.

Do you have any questions not covered by the answers above?
Please contact us 010-330 30 09, 010-330 30 09 or send an e-mail to