Linnéstudenterna’s monthly Course Literature Grant of 500 SEK

All students know that course literature is expensive. Combined with a low income, the wallet might end up empty once in a while. To help our members, Linnéstudenterna award a Course Literature Grant each month, to ease the economic situation. The grant is 500 SEK and must be used to buy course literature.

Only members of the Student Union Linnéstudenterna are eligible for this grant. The grant is awarded once a month. The grant is 500 SEK and goes to one person each month. The same member can only get the grant once per annual year of Linnéstudenterna. The grant is for course literature purchases only. Your statement must not be longer than 50 words. The winner is presented with name and motivation at Linnéstudenterna’s webpage, Facebook and Instagram. The grant application must be sent in no later than the last day of the month before the grant is awarded (example: to be awarded February’s grant, the application must be sent in no later than January 31st).

If you have any questions, please contact

Apply for Linnéstudenterna's monthly course literature grant