Education associations

The education associations are student associations for everyone studying a certain program or at a certain faculty. Their task is to improve the education but they also organize parties, dinners and other activities. Some examples of associations are EHVS (for students studying at the business school in Växjö), KalmarESS (students studying at the business school in Kalmar and Humanus (for students studying nursing, social studies and sport sciences in Kalmar) and many more.


In Växjö there are also other kinds of student associations called nations. These aren’t connected to a specific program or faculty. They are named after different provinces or regions in Sweden, for example SkåneS nation or Östgöta nation. The nations sometimes organize parties or other activities linked to the region they have named themselves after, for example when SkåneS arrange a traditional goose dinner or when Norrland’s nation arranges their mosquito hunt. Have a look at the nations’ websites (link below) and join the one that seems the most fun!

Associations of interest

Lastly there are student associations based on specific hobbies or interests such as Cafe Tufvan, a cafe on campus Växjö, Isterbandet, the student orchestra, and ESN Kalmar to name a few. Click on the links below to learn more about the vast variety of student associations in Kalmar and Växjö.

Student Associations in Kalmar

Student Associations in Växjö