The Friend Family Project
As an international student at the Linnaeus University you get a chance to get in touch with a local family (which could also be a couple or a single person, young or old, with or without children). The main advantage with this arrangement is that you get a chance to get to know Swedish culture, locals and everyday life away from Campus. Typical activities are cooking together, going for walks and local sight-seeing. You will meet your Friend Family about once a month. You will also be invited to a couple of cultural, social or sports events every semester, together with all the other Friend Families and their students, like a Christmas party or a Midsummer Party. These joint events are, of course, optional, but open to you as a student, even if your Friend Family cannot come.

There is no sign-up fee. Sign up for a Friend Family if you are interested in keeping in touch with Swedes and Swedish culture and getting away from Campus from time to time.

To apply for a Friend Family please fill in the online form below, preferably before August 5 (for autumn semester/full year) and December 15 (for spring semester) each year. If you have any questions please e-mail: You are of course welcome to apply for a Friend Family at any point during the semester as well, but chances will be better at the start of each semester. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Eva Nilsson
Manager of the Friend family project: Eva Nilsson
Phone: 070 – 481 99 54
Visit: Tufvan, Tuvanäsvägen 12 Växjö
About me: I’m responsible for marketing and administration involving the Friend family project. The purpose of the project is to match international students with locals. During the spring semester I visit elementary schools with the international students.

Friend family application