Introduction Week Växjö – a successful try out concept

Introduction Week Växjö är lite likt de internationella studenterna i Växjös Kick-Off* som Linnéstudenterna var en del av vid terminsstarten. I år arrangerades den för andra året i rad. Den innehöll allt från den svenska fikatraditionen, till brädspel, från mingel till tipspromenad. Ett lyckat koncept men som likt allt, kan förbättras. Vad tycker du vi ska förbättra till nästa års Introduction Week?

Introduction Week Växjö is something alike the international students form of Kick-Off in Växjö and as board member in charge of international matters, I was happy to be part of organizing a part of that for this semester but organized by the University, The Student Union Linnéstudenterna and VIS, together with external parties. It’s a week of interactions and enjoyment before the semester starts. Covering all from “fika”, to board games, from mingle, to quiz trail. A concept of success bus as always, it can improve. What would you like to improve with the Introduction Week for next year?

The week started off with a Mingel and Swedish Fika session on the 21st of August with an introduction to the famous “fika” tradition that always reoccur in the Swedish culture. It’s part of the Swedish mentality, and is among the first Swedish words most people learn. Legend, a gaming store in town, was a reoccurring guest at two of our events throughout the Introduction Week Växjö. The gaming store brought the game Dixit which is a good game to play to increase interaction.

This was to be followed by a Quiz Trail on the 25th of August in relation to the VIS BBQ. The Quiz Trail was made about Sweden and our culture, covering local as well as national aspects, from the meaning of “little Saturday” (lillördag) to ”Allemansrätten” (rights of public access). We got three groups of happy winners who all received a goodiebag filled with sweets.

On the 27th of August we tried out a Mingle and Speed Networking Session. When planning this we thought about how to increase the networks in a small amount of time for the newly arrived students. As a lot of networking circulates over food, we had our traditional Swedish “fika” combined with suggestions on conversation starters to

To sum up, the Introduction Week Växjö was filled with a lot of fun and varying activities, but can always be improved. If you have a suggestion, big or small, fell free to leave a comment below.

We hope that all students who participated was enjoying the week! And thank you to all our volunteers who made these events possible!

See you!
Nathalie Gunnarsson
Board Member in Charge of International Matters

*Kick-Off= the Kick-Off week is arranged by the students associations for the Swedish students before the semester starts

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