Career Night Kalmar (bus from Växjö)



  • What can I expect when working at a Swedish company? Do I need to be fluent in Swedish? How do I act at a job interview in Sweden?

Day and place: On 24th November at Restaurant Varvsholmen, Kalmar Science Park

Sign up (instructions below), latest November 16th

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Program: CareerNightKalmar_Program (pdf)

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Career Night is arranged by the Student Union, Linnéstudenterna, in collaboration with Kalmar Science Park and Linnaeus University.

Questions, please contact: 

Kontaktperson Karin Sioo

Karin Sioo

Karin Siöö, Student Coordinator
070-481 99 56





Sign up instructions

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Step1: Go to, click on the English flag to register in English.
Step2: Click in “Sign Up” and fill in your details – choose an email you have access to frequently. Then click in “Create a free account”.
Step3: “Would you like to save this password?” Click “No”. If you didn’t sign up with your student email account, you will now be asked to login with your university’s username and password to authenticate your account.
Step4: You are all set up! Make sure to fill in all your profile details – this might take some time so we recommend you to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea while working on your profile. Skills and experience will make your profile attractive to employers.
Step5: You can now register in our event. Click “register” and you will be asked to answer some questions. Congratulations, you have now completed the registration process!
Make sure you don’t have any blocking filter for MyCareer in your mailbox, otherwise you might have difficulties in receiving warnings or reminders before the event.


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