The Buddy Program

The Buddy programme is a very interesting and fun project to be involved with.

It gives an insight into new cultures, a way to get to know new people and maybe to find something new and interesting that you might never have considered before.

I’m studying as an international programme student and I’m also a board member at Linnaeus University’s Student Union.

Currently I’m a Buddy to a lovely international student who studies in Växjö and comes from Japan. As a someone who has always been interested in Japan, I’m happy to have a Buddy from there who I can ask different things. Though, I find living outside of Campus to be a downside as it does put a limit on how much I can attend and do at Campus.

However, yesterday I had invited my Buddy and some friends over for a Sunday Roast dinner and it was a lovely evening with food, talk about a lot of different things and some good, cold and very tasty beverages.

As a more general thought about the Buddy programme, I would like to say that the exchanges that can come out of these encounters are good for both parties, either for language/cultural exchanges, questions and curiosity. It is also a way to help students acclimatise to the culture in Sweden, as well as maybe giving ideas and suggestions depending on what they need.

As a Buddy you can meet as often or as little as you like, but of course, the programme is about meeting and making new friends and broadening your view so you might want to meet more than twice per month, no? Either way, it is very rewarding and as long as you get along with your matched Buddy it doesn’t really matter if you meet twice a week or twice a month.

After all, when you’re studying full time, you might not have as much time as you’d both like to meet – but there’s no pressure! It’s about relaxing and getting to know people, not rushing around and keeping to a schedule.

The Buddy programme could use more Buddies from the home side. There are many international students who wish for a Buddy who can’t be matched because there are not enough local, willing Buddies to match them with.

I would really recommend this programme for you who would love to meet new people and aren’t afraid to share culture, language, history – and food – with people from across the globe.


Margrethe Johansson

Margrethe Johansson

Board Member in charge of Student Contact Växjö:
Margrethe Johansson