We work for you – the annual meeting

UtskriftWhat is a members meeting, why is it important that you come to our annual meeting and what does it mean to be able to influence the Linnéstudenterna organisation?

Four times per year (two per semester) Linnéstudenterna have what we call members meetings. These are four opportunities for you as a member to meet with us, ask us questions, listen to what we are currently working with and tell us what you think we should focus on. One of these meetings is our annual meeting. During the annual meeting we present our new board for the coming year, decide on the budget and action year and elect student representatives in all faculties at the university.

What does that mean for you and why should you care? Well, if you think that what we at Linnéstudenterna are doing is important. If you think the matters we work on are affecting you. If you think this – then you should care!

Last week we had our annual meeting. What happened?

The action plan

Every year the members decide on our action plan – our plan of action! It’s what we in the organisation should work on during the coming year. A few exciting things we are going to focus on next year is the housing situation, student life and education quality.


It’s you members that decide how we should spend your money. It’s not easy to keep track of everything but we work our hardest to make sure everything is being used with your best interest in mind.

Core values

This year we decided on a whole new document describing our core values. This document is the most basic foundations of the organisation. Linnéstudenterna is built upon four core values: Security (in your studies, in our work, in that we listen to you and that you can reach us), Development (we grow, we are commited, we cooperate, we make a difference), Community (our strenght is in our numbers, we cooperate and work together) and Accessibility (we listen and communicate in ways that everyone understands).

Changing the statutes

The statutes is our rule book that describes how our organisation works. At our annual meeting we made two changes about our election committee and our first members meeting in the spring.

The board – election and presentation

We have had an election and you have voted in new board members! We are all re20150601_143752ally excited to work with you the coming year! At the meeting we also elected Kalle Kronberg as responsible of Students’ social matters Kalmar.

We still have empty positions in the board if you know someone who would want to work with us – we are nice and friendly!


With love,

Erika Angelsmark

Responsible of students’ social matters Växjö.


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