About us

Linnéstudenterna is the Student Union at linnaeus University representing about 20.000 students. Our aim is making students’ time at the university as good as possible. As your Student Union we are your voice in the board of the university as well as your representative in regards to society as a whole. You can turn to us when you need advice, support or if you feel you have been treated wrongly or unjustly by the university.

We also work actively with finding more student discounts and benefits and contacts with the surrounding commercial and industrial life. We provide a housing page with sublets and rooms with private owners for students in need of assistance in their search for local accommodation. We also arrange a number of student related activities and fairs throughout the academic year. Our students are the competent working force of the future and we make sure they get a flying start!

Every-day-life of the Student Union
Examples of what we have done for the benefit of students: reported a professor who treated exchange students wrongly, helped to keep increases in rent costs to a minimum set up, tracked and listed even more member discounts made sure student representatives get economic compensation reported the Linnaeus University to the Discrimination Ombudsman for not creating a plan for equality and equal treatment Worked actively to introduce breaks during written exams protested about the cutbacks at the University Library reserved ourselves against the University budget because of lack of funds for student influence


Member meeting
Within Linnéstudenterna the member meeting represents the highest decision-making body. During this meeting the members make decisions about general issues to do with the work of Linnéstudenterna. All members are welcome to take part, vote and hand in suggestions. Member meetings are held four times a year. The time and place of these meetings will be announced in Newsletters, on our Facebook pages and at www.linnestudenterna.se

Thank you
for supporting
our work!


The Presidium and the Student Union Board
The Linnéstudenterna Presidium is elected annually by direct vote and is made up of a chairman and four vice chairmen. All the members of the Presidium are students themselves who take a year off from their studies to commit themselves to the work of Linnéstudenterna. They are paid full-time. The Student Union Board is elected at the same time as the Presidium. The members of the board are paid part-time and carry out their tasks as well as keeping up their studies.

Student Representatives
According to the law all the students have a right of representation in all boards and committees of the university. This is an important part of securing student influence and a way of making sure the students can have a say about decisions which affect their everyday lives.The student representatives are appointed by the members at the member meetings.

Two Student Union Offices
In addition to the elected student representatives of the Presidium and the Student Union Board there are a number of persons who help administer the daily tasks of Linnéstudenterna. You will find them at the two local Student Union offices; in Växjö in the Tufvan building (same building as the cafe) and in Kalmar the office is situated in the University Library. It’s the Student Union Office and its staff who are responsible for the day-to-day tasks such as the Buddy program, member registration and support, economy and strategic information.

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