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Our Ombudsmen
Have you or a fellow student been treated badly at the university? You have rights! Our ombudsmen can help you if you run into trouble during your studies. You may contact them if you feel you have been treated unfairly by a teacher or a university staff member, or if you would like to see improvements in your course or program.

Our ombudsmen are bound by professional secrecy. It is you as a student/PhD student who decide whether to reveal your identity or not.

Our Student- and PhD ombudsman
The Student ombudsmen can tell you about your rights and responsibilities as an undergraduate student at Linnaeus University. You can always turn to the student ombudsmen if you have questions about exams, disciplinary matters, university staff, discrimination, schedules, etc. One ombudsman is located in Linnéstudenterna’s office at The University Library in Kalmar while you find our other ombudsman at Linnéstudenterna’s office at Tufvan on campus in Växjö. Basically, the PhD ombudsman has the same function as the Student ombudsman, but is primarily a resource for PhD students at Linnaeus University. At Linnéstudenterna, we know that the PhD student situation is a special one. To combine advanced studies with teaching and administrative work is no simple feat. Problems and complications may arise, and outside help may be needed. You as a PhD student can always turn to our PhD student ombudsmen if you have any questions.

Kinka Barvestad
Mail: ombud@linnestudenterna.se
Phone: 072-318 00 26
Visit: Nygatan 18A Kalmar
About me: My main task as Student ombudsman is safeguarding Student rights at Linnaeus University. If you have questions about your rights as a student, exams etc. you´re welcome to drop by my office or send me an email. See you!

Nicholas Pagden
Mail: ombud@linnestudenterna.se
Phone: 070- 481 99 57
Visit: Tuvanäsvägen 12
About me: My main job is to help students that feel mistreated or need advice and support in their interactions with university staff and regulations. Our ombudsman are bound by professional secrecy so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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