Besides studying one needs to have some fun, and perhaps learn something new outside of the studies! At Linnaeus University there is a broad variety of student associations open to all students, depending on what you study and such. There are three categories of student associations: Education associations, nations and associations of interests.

Education associations are for specific programs at a faculty. It is students belonging to education associations that are running around in colorful overalls at the start of every fall semester 🙂 Several of the education associations, in cooperation with some of the associations of interests, run the student pub Slottsstallarna in Växjö.

The nations are social associations, organizing fun events for their members. In Växjö the nations run the student pub Sivans, in cooperation with the education association EHVS. The nations are open to all students, and you’re welcome to join one or several!

The associations of interests are tied to a specific area, for ex. international politics, human rights, coding, sports, student radio etc. Many of these have become very international since international students have joined them their boards and committees.

Since there are a lot more students in Växjö there are fewer student associations in Kalmar. However, besides student associations, there are regular associations in both Kalmar and Växjö. Some of these will be present at the Water party (Vattenkalaset) in Kalmar and at the welcome fair in Växjö. You are also welcome to contact the Student Coordinator at studcoord@linnestudenterna.se to find out what’s available in each city.

Should you join Linnéstudenterna and one or a few student associations you’re guaranteed a better student life!

Start an association!

If you’re staying longer than 1 year the student union may help you to start a new association.

For more information contact:
Study social responsible Växjö: studiesocial.vaxjo@linnestudenterna.se Phone: 070-481 99 53
Study social responsible Kalmar: studiesocial.kalmar@linnestudenterna.se Phone: 070-481 99 45

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