– Save money
As a member you will have access to special member discounts in addition to the general student discounts accessed via the app Studentkortet. You will often gain more financially through a membership than without it, if you use some of our discounts. Perhaps you will visit a hockey game, buy a gym card, course literature or  a pair of sneakers. Being a member of Linnéstudenterna is  a possibility to save money! We are constantly working on finding more discounts and benefits for you. You’re also welcome to talk to us if you want to leave suggestions on new discounts. Find a list with the current student discounts here: http://linnestudenterna.se/medlem/medlemsformaner/medlemsrabatter/

– Access to the student pubs
 There are two student pubs in Växjö where many students meet and hang out. The prices of food and drinks are student friendly and different theme nights, concerts and other events are arranged on a regular basis. To get access to the student pubs, you need to be a member of the student union, Linnéstudenterna, and you must also bring valid ID (not a residence permit card).

Kalmar. At the moment there isn’t a student pub but there are specific student events organised by Linnéstudenterna in cooperation with local venues. The prices of food and drinks are student friendly and different theme nights, concerts and other events are arranged. To get access to these events, you need to be a member of Linnéstudenterna.

– Free coffee or tea every Thursday
You can find us every Thursday at 12.30 in the University Library, Kalmar and at 12.15 in the K-building, Växjö. Remember to show your member card in the app or a certification of membership (paper slip that you can get from Linnéstudenterna’s reception) Find our addresses here: linnestudenterna.se/in-english/about-us/addresses-and-phone-numbers

– Get the book How to be Swedish at any of our offices.  The member price is 130 SEK, non-members pay 170 SEK. The book is written by former exchange student Matthias Kamann and explains the Swedish way of doing many things, such has going to a (pre)party, making meatballs, how to say hello etc.

– Visit a hockey game or two to see the local team Växjö Lakers. As a member you get a member discount accessible through the member portal 

– Members can apply for the monthly course literature grant
The grant is 500 SEK and must be used to buy course literature. Read more about it here

Becoming a member
The easiest and fastest way to become a member is online. Here you can pay by VISA or Mastercard. You can also come to the Student Union reception in Kalmar or Växjö and pay the membership fee in person. A membership in the Student Union costs 175 SEK per semester or 300 SEK per year.

Course Literature Grant
600 303 Linnestudenterna

All students know that course literature is expensive. Combined with a low income, the wallet might end up empty once…

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