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Buddy program at Linnaeus University (incoming students)
The program allows local students to meet and get to know international students from all over the world that choose to study at Linnaeus University. The purpose of the buddy program is to offer support to new international students, and to improve integration at Linnaeus University. All the little things taken for granted in the everyday life are things that may seem strange or difficult for a newcomer. This is what a buddy may help with. The buddy is a local student to whom the newbie (new student) may turn to for questions and support.

The buddies are informed about cultural understanding, challenges newbies face, what to help with etc. Many of the buddies have been on exchange or are later going. Many have lived abroad to work or traveled. Some are adopted or have another international background. What is common for all the buddies is that they have chosen to register as buddies to be part of this, hopefully positive, experience.

Having a buddy means that someone is waiting for you here. If matched you are supposed to be contacted (prior to your arrival), by email, on Facebook or other social media. Once in Sweden, try your best to make time for you and your buddy. Things buddies and newbies usually do together varies but meet for coffee, go clubbing, visit the towns or the surroundings, are appreciated. Your buddy is also encouraged to show you around locally.

It is necessary to point out that students aren’t guaranteed a buddy, but of course everyone is welcome to register. A growing number of international students choose to study at Linnaeus University so it is also a growing task to recruit buddies. To increase your chances, register early and fill out the info requested.

Sign up via https://buddyprogram.lnu.se (choose Kalmar or Växjö)

Follow the instructions in the form. If you register and later choose to not study at Linnaeus University kindly notify us. If you have any questions about the registration you’re most welcome to contact studcoord@linnestudenterna.se

Buddy program at Linnaeus University (local students)
Local student interested in becoming a buddy? If you were matched with a buddy when you were a new student yourself, you hopefully know what the program is about. If not, you’re welcome to read more in the Buddy guide linked below.

The program is open to all local students: Swedish as well as internationals who are staying in Kalmar or Växjö for a longer period of time. Just be aware of that when/if incoming students indicate in their registration that they prefer a Swedish student we try to follow their wishes. When signing up to become a buddy, you cannot be matched with a Swedish student.

Sign up via https://buddyprogram.lnu.se (choose Kalmar or Växjö)

Follow the instructions in the form. If questions arise during registration contact us at studcoord@linnestudenterna.se

Buddy guide Kalmar: Buddy guide Kalmar new June 2020

Buddy guide Växjö: Buddy guide Växjö new June 2020

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