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One of the best things about studying at LNU is its diverse student community – and as a new student you are a part of it. The student union Linnéstudenterna looks after your interests at the university and in society, supports organisational activities, organizes various events and offers member benefits and services from the student calendar to legal help. We care about you! Every day we work to make sure that all students’ are treated right, that Linnaeus University follows laws and regulations available, that the students should have a strong voice in all the boards and committees at Linnaeus University etc. We offer you personal service from our Student and PhD Ombudsmen as well as the Student Coordinator and other office staff.

Vote in the student union election
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Learn all about the candidates, how and why you should vote in the 2020 Student Union Election

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Starting your studies in another country means that you will have to find a new home. In the following…

Staying healthy in times of Corona
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Now that establishments and society is shutting down, and people are encouraged to keep a distance, we’re focusing on your health.

Succeed with your distance studies
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Efficiency can be described as the amount of meaningful work in relation to time spent. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of it

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On this page we will collect all the information we have at our disposal regarding how you as a student at LNU are affected by the outbreak of the corona virus (covid-19).

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Take part in our competition where we reach out to the students to design our new logo. The winner gets SEK 5000 *!

Apply to the board!
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Do you want to pursue a specific question? Or are you generally interested in student live? Great, then you are welcome to get involved in the student union!

Become a member
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The easiest way to become a member is to become a member online. You can also visit our offices in Kalmar or Växjö.

Contact us
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Addresses and contact information to our offices in Kalmar and Växjö…

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Besides studying there are plenty of events to join for students. Many events are organized by student associations, and there’s a variety of associations to pick from. Getting involved in a student association is an enriching experience for you and your fellow classmates. Find out more here!

About us
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Linnéstudenterna is the Student Union representing 35 000 students at Linnaeus University. Our aim is making students’ time at our university as good…

Dedication Grant
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The receiver of the grant has exhibited extraordinary commitment that has contributed to the improvement of the educational and/or study social environment….

Cheating and plagiarism
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One of the most important rules to follow for a student at LNU is also one of the simplest ones and has been with us since first grade…

Buddy program
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Buddy program at Linnaeus University (incoming student)
The programs allows Swedish…

Arrival information
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This will provide you with information about how you can get to Växjö and Kalmar from various airports in Sweden and Denmark. If you arrive in Växjö…

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As a member you will have access to special member discounts in addition to the general student discounts accessed via the app Studentkortet…

Career and fairs
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The Student Union Linnaeus Students organizes fairs welcome for new students at the beginning of every errand and autumn holidays.

We work here
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Contact information to board and staff 🙂

Student life
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Along with the university the Student Union/Linnéstudenterna and various student associations organize…

Advice and support
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Have you or a fellow student been treated badly at the university? You have rights!

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