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At Linnaeus University there is a great variety of activities focusing on students. Along with the university the Student Union Linnéstudenterna and several different student associations organize events which altogether make your student life richer in the best possible way. Welcome to get engaged in the activities that suit you best!

Buddy program at Linnaeus University (incoming student)

The programs allows Swedish and other local students to meet and get to know students from all over the world. The main role of the buddy is to help and support an incoming student to get settled into the student life and answer questions you may have.

The students who become buddies attend a training session to learn about cultural understanding, what to help you with and what is expected of them. Many of them have been on exchange themselves or are later going. Many have also lived abroad to work and/or traveled a longer period. At the training the local students are also informed about the orientation program, when you will arrive and activities planned. Having a buddy means that someone is waiting for you here, someone who wants to get to know you.

When matched you are supposed to be contacted prior to your arrival, by email or on Facebook. We are aware of that the time before going abroad is very busy but we kindly ask you to reply when your assigned buddy reaches out to you. Otherwise he/she may think that you’re not interested. Once in Sweden, try your best to make time for you and your buddy. Things buddies and international students usually do together varies but it is common to meet for coffee, go out together, visit the towns or the surroundings, maybe have a language exchange etc. Your buddy is also encouraged to show you around locally.

It is necessary to point out that all students are not guaranteed a buddy, this because many students choose to study here. If you are assigned a buddy also depends on when you sign up. Send in your application as fast as you can and fill out the info requested.

The sign up link for both Kalmar and Växjö is https://buddyprogram.net/#/

Follow the instructions in the form. If you have any questions about the sign up etc. you’re welcome to contact us at

Buddy program at Linnaeus University (local student)
Are you a current (local) student interested in becoming a buddy to a new international student?

The program is open to all local students: Swedish as well as internationals. Just be aware of that some incoming students indicate in their application that they prefer a Swedish student and then we try to follow their wishes. Also, signing up to become a buddy means that you cannot be matched with a Swedish student.

The sign up is the same as above, https://buddyprogram.net/#/ but after choosing city choose ”To become a buddy” (the blue button)

If you have any questions prior to signing up contact us at studcoord@linnestudenterna.se

Read more about the program, and how to support your assigned student(s) in the Buddy guide, Buddy guide 2018-2019

Education associations

The education associations are student associations for everyone studying a certain program or at a certain faculty. Their task is to improve the education but they also organize parties, dinners and other activities. Some examples of associations are EHVS (for students studying at the business school in Växjö), KalmarESS (students studying at the business school in Kalmar and Humanus (for students studying nursing, social studies and sport sciences in Kalmar) and many more.

In Växjö there are also other kinds of student associations called nations. These aren’t connected to a specific program or faculty. They are named after different provinces or regions in Sweden, for example SkåneS nation or Östgöta nation. The nations sometimes organize parties or other activities linked to the region they have named themselves after, for example when SkåneS arrange a traditional goose dinner or when Norrland’s nation arranges their mosquito hunt. Have a look at the nations’ websites (link below) and join the one that seems the most fun!

Associations of interest
Lastly there are student associations based on specific hobbies or interests such as Isterbandet (the student orchestra), Växjö UN association, Radio Shore and Radio Lur (the student radio in Kalmar and Växjö respectively) and the ESN sections to name a few.

Student Associations

Student pubs
As a member of Linnéstudenterna you can take part of the student life in different ways and at different venues in the cities. In Växjö there are two student pubs, Stallarna and Sivans. In Kalmar students often go to pubs and clubs with specific offers for students. Below you can read more about the pubs.


Entrance requirements during the first weeks
As a member of Linnéstudenterna you are welcome to the student pubs and student events at regular venues in Kalmar and Växjö. Before you have received your membership card from Studentkortet this is what applies:To be able to enter the student pubs you must have paid the membership fee. This can be done online or at the Student Union. At the entrance of the pubs you must show either a payment certificate from us or a valid student card.

Slottstallarna in Växjö
Slottsstallarna, Stallarna, or just ”Stallet” is one of the student pubs at Växjö Campus. It started as a stable for the Teleborg Castle (hence the name Slottsstallarna that literally translates to castle-stables), and today it is a student pub run by student associations in Växjö. That means that no workers during the nights get paid in more than working cards and love! To enter Stallarna you need to be a member in Linnéstudenterna and show a valid photo-ID. If you want to bring a friend who is not a member in Linnéstudenterna you need to buy a guest card. You will find out more about guest cards at Stallarna’s web page. Slottsstallarna is open twice a week; pub night at Thursdays and night club at Fridays. If you’re interested in working at Stallarna simply contact one of the associations that run it and they will add you to their workers’ base.

More information is available at the website: https://slottsstallarna.com/

Stallarna is open:

Thursdays: 21-01
Fridays: 21-02

Sivans Pub & Cafe in Växjö
Sivans is situated in the middle of campus and is owned by the five student nations and EHVS. This means that the students working at Sivans are student volunteers. Besides showing a photo ID and membership card from Linnéstudenterna you must also be a member in one of the nations or EHVS. Membership in the nations can be bought from the nation in question and membership in EHVS can be bought at the office of EHVS (on the 2nd floor in the K-building). At the beginning of each semester the nations are often sitting in the K-building selling tickets to upcoming events and you can of course also become a member when visiting them there.

If you have a friend visiting and you want to bring him or her to Sivans you must book a guest card in advance at: http://www.sivansgastkort.com

Sivans is open: Wednesdays: 21-01 Entrance: 20 SEK Fridays: 17-22 (After School) Entrance: free Saturdays: 22-02 (Pub) Entrance: 60 SEK Saturdays: 11-13, Brunch, for 50 SEK you can eat as much as you like. If you’re interested in working at Sivans simply contact one of the associations that run it and they will add you to their workers’ base.


Pubs and clubs in Kalmar

There is no designated student pub in Kalmar but Linnéstudenterna as well as several of the regular venues offer student nights, and/or student prices with themes like pub nights, music quizzes, live music events, student sittnings (which is a student dinner with lots of singing and other traditions typical for the student life in Sweden).

Linnéstudenterna also organizes some bigger events at the start of the fall semester, like the Garden Party, and a few other events, based on requests from members. If you have suggestions on activities that you think Linnéstudenterna should organize you’re welcome to contact any of the board positions for Study Social matters: Either studiesocial.kalmar@linnestudenterna.se or studiesocial.vaxjo@linnestudenterna.se


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