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Information about how to find somewhere to live in Växjö as a new student.
Never, under any circumstances, pay in advance unless it is a company that offers you a contract. The Student Union Is Not Responsible if You Become the Victim of a Scam!

If you are an international student paying tuition fee, your first step is to contact Linnaeus University International Office via internationalstudents@lnu.se to learn what kind of help you are entitled to. If you are an exchange-student from outside of Europe, the first you do is to email inexchange@lnu.se If you’re a European, or if you don’t pay tuition fee, go ahead and search our site for relevant housing information.

Linnestudenterna’s accommodation page
If you prefer not to stay in student accommodation there are a few other housing options, but be advised that NOT accepting housing offered by the university means that nobody will assist you when you fail to secure housing on your own. You can find private lodging rooms on Linnéstudenterna’s accommodation page, www.linnestudenterna.se/bostadsformedling

Please note that the Student Union does not own any type of housing, nor does Linnaeus University.

There is a shortage of student apartments, especially to a low rent, so the queuing time is long, up to one year for accommodation on Campus. However, there are other options, such as lodging rooms in nearby areas as well as apartments in other areas.

First, to start collecting queuing points, you have to register with the two major housing companies in Växjö, VäxjöBostäder and Vidingehem. They have a joint website where they are both represented: www.boplats.vaxjo.se Register at this site at once to start collecting points. If you want to contact them: 0470 – 59 90 00 or 0470 – 70 17 70 boplats@vaxjo.seIt is important to register with Boplats even if you do it late, since you always have a chance of finding housing, even with very few points. How few points that are enough depends on when you search and how many others search at the same time.

There are a few other housing companies with apartments/rooms on and around campus. To enhance your chances register with them as well. The best thing is to both email an application of interest (or however they receive applications) and to call them and explain your situation. Do not count on finding the flat of your dreams from the start. Take what you can get in the beginning and look for a better option when you are here. It is not an easy task to find accommodation in Växjö and your own initiative is very important. It is very difficult to get a flat on Campus with short notice so search for accommodation in other areas as well.

Note also that standing in a queue alone is not enough; you still have to actively look for rooms or apartments on the respective websites and announce your interest if you find a room or apartment that suits you. The sooner you start looking for an apartment, the better your chances are to get a good accommodation. A general rule for student housing is that you need to send in a copy of your Notification of selection results. And remember that you cannot afford to be choosy, take what you can get even if it is not your dream apartment. The main thing is to have somewhere to stay when you arrive in Växjö.

Housing Areas in Växjö

Campus: This is where most of the student housing is located and most students want to live here. It is extremely popular so the queuing time is long, up to one year for accommodation on Campus, perhaps longer if you look for something specific. Everything is close by, the university facilities as well as the student pubs, and during the warm months students gather on the grassy areas to socialize, do sports and party!

Teleborg: This is the residential area closest to Campus and the university, it is located on the other side of the “big road” and if you live here you can easily walk to the university. Another part of Växjö called Öster is also fairly close but we would recommend that you buy a bike!

In Central Växjö you find some student housing, mostly corridor rooms. Everything is close by, and you can still walk, bike or take a bus to the university. Alvesta, Gemla, Lessebo, and Tingsryd are smaller communities around Växjö where you can live and commute to the university. Some of the housing companies will deduct the cost of a bus pass on your rent.

Types of student housing
Corridor: When you live in a corridor room you will have a private bedroom, but kitchen and other areas are shared, sometimes even toilets and showers. However, most corridor rooms in Växjö have private toilets and showers. This is a very social and often international way of living. If you are a very tidy person this might not be ideal for you, since scheduled cleaning of communal areas sometimes is “forgotten”. There is also a risk that your neighbors decide to have a party when you need to study.

One bedroom apartments: If you live in an apartment with only one room, this room will have to serve as bedroom, living room and dining room. Most 1-room student apartments are between 22-28 m2, with a kitchenette. The rent is between 3 000 kr and 7 000 kr, depending on size and condition.

Two bedroom apartments or bigger: 1 or 2 rooms, for ex. bed room and living room, and kitchen or kitchenette. Approximately 32-64 m2. Expensive if you live on your own, but more affordable if you share. Estimated rent 4 500 – 11 000 kr.

Lodging rooms: There is the option of renting a room in a private house. The rent varies depending on size, condition and location. Remember to write a contract so both parts are in agreement. We can provide templates.

Rent free summer months. What is the difference between student apartments and regular apartments? It is mainly the rent, you pay rent for 10 months instead of 12. This applies to most student accommodation but does not apply to corridor rooms distributed through the university when the contract has a fixed expiry date.

Växjöhem and Vidingehem are the two major housing companies in Växjö municipality. They have a website which administers both companies: www.boplats.vaxjo.se

Växjöbostäder AB vaxjobostader.se
0470-59 90 00

Vidingehem AB www.vidingehem.se
0470-70 17 70

Other companies in Växjö with student housing:

Heimstaden: http://heimstaden.com/kontor/vaxjo/

Stubor: www.stubor.se
0470-76 30 55

Campushem: www.campushem.se
0470-72 35 00

Krebo: http://krebo.se/vaxjo/
0454-585 000

Urbano: http://www.urbano.se

Stenlyckebo: http://www.stenlyckebo.nu/


Please also have an eye on several facebook groups.

Future flatmates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/459204660877516/

Vaxjo Campus:https://www.facebook.com/groups/vxocampus/


Housing companies outside of Växjö:
Allbohus Alvesta http://www.allbohus.se/
Finnvedsbostäder Rydaholm https://www.finnvedsbostader.se/ledigt-just-nu/ (only in Swedish)
Lessebohus Lessebo, Hovmantorp & Kosta http://www.lessebohus.se/
Tingsrydshus Tingsryd http://www.stiftelsen-kommunhus.tingsryd.se/
Uppvidingehus Alstermo, Lenhovda, Norrhult, Klavreström, Åseda http://www.uppvidingehus.se/

Short term accommodation:
Nybygget Nattvilan http://nattvilan.se/en/
Växjö Vandrarhem Evedal http://www.vaxjovandrarhem.nu/
Stubor hotell (on campus) https://stuborhotell.se/

Hotels with student discounts:
Skäraton http://www.skaraton.com/
Hotell Esplanad http://www.hotellesplanad.com/
Clarion Collection hotel Cardinal https://www.nordicchoicehotels.se/hotell/sverige/vaxjo/clarion-collection-hotel-cardinal/
Quality hotel Royal Corner https://www.nordicchoicehotels.se/hotell/sverige/vaxjo/quality-hotel-royal-corner/

B &B
B & B Södra Lycke http://bnb-sodralycke.blogspot.com/
Elianitas Bed & Breakfast http://www.bandb-vaxjo.se/
Telestads rumsuthyrning http://www.telestadsrumsuthyrning.se/

The Accommodation site on the Student Union’s website: http://linnestudenterna.se/bostadsformedling/ Here you find both lodging rooms and apartments from private owners. The availability could be anything from a few weeks and up to more than 1 year.

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